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Saturday, January 14, 2006

88. How To Talk Southern

How to talk native southern in one easy lesson

Aig - what a hen lays
Aints - He's got aints in his paints
Arn - Ma's tard of arnin
Bag - He bagged her to marry him
Cheer - what you set in
Core - He got hisself a new Ford core
Crick - a small stream
Far - what get the brandin arn hot
Flar - a rose is a purdy flar
Grain - She was grain with envy
Hail - where bad folks go
Hard- got a brend new hard hand
Hern - It aint hern, it's his'n
Hillbilly - People in the next county
Mere - what you see your self in
Petition - What separate the rooms
Puppet - what the preacher is in
Purdy - She is purdy as a pitcher
Rang - you wear it on your fanger
Rat - Do it rat now!
Roont - She plum roont her shoes
Rut - that there tree sure has long ruts
Salary - A stringy vegetable
Shurf - The Shurf put Clem in jail
Skeered - that plumb skeered me to death
Storch - this here aprn has to much storch in it
Tar - his core blew a tar
Thanks - He shore thanks he's smart
Tho -tho me the ball
War - a bobbed war fance
Warter - what you worsh your face in
Worsh - go worsh your face
Yurp - a continent overseas

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