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Saturday, January 07, 2006

82. Armageddon, How Will It Be Covered?

Armageddon, How Will It Be Covered? by Will Durst (edited)

1. New York Times: Billions Perish. Bush Calls for Caution
2. Golf Digest: Don't Let A Containment Suit 'Nuke' Your Swing
3. Life: Parting Shots; The Collection
4. Gourmet: Why Not Worms?
5. Better Homes and Gardens: Rocks; The Forgotten Furniture; Tradeoffs Between Flat and Round
6. Rolling Stone: The End of Outdoor Concerts?
7. Horse And Track: Gilding, Pros and Cons
8. Playboy: The 10-Foot Tall Girls of Ground Zero
8. Redbook: How to Brighten Your Nuclear Winter With Spam
9. New York Post: Mideast Missing. Long Islanders Delayed. Knicks Lose Opener
10. Fortune: The 50 Best Cemeteries in America For Gold Recovering
11. Vogue: This Fall; Breakthrough in Burlap
12. Time: Is Heaven Real?
13. Newsweek: The Other Side; What Gives
14. Architectural Digest: David Letterman's Cave; At Home With Stalactites
15. Connoisseur: A New Appreciation for ... Water
16. Variety: Civilization Slumps. Rocky VII on Hold
17. GQ: Refugee Chic
18. People: Armageddon; Picks and Pans
19. Weight Watchers: Learning How to Say YES!
20. Field and Stream: Tracking the 90-LB 4-Eyed House Cat
21. Cosmopolitan: 30 Seductive Ways You Can Gain Entrance Into A Secure Bunker
22. American Rifleman: A Review of the New Model 30 Single Action Slingshot
23. USA Today: How We'll Die; A Graph
24. Yachting: Tacking into a Mushroom Cloud; A Partial Diary
25. Forbes: At Last! The End of Taxes
26. National Enquirer: Liz Falls Off Diet, New Fiance Missing

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