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Thursday, November 23, 2006

326. Things I'm Thankful For

Washington Post Invitational
Things I'm Thankful For (689)

1) I'm thankful that Kim Jong II doesn't have an evil twin. (Art Grinath)
2) That someone found my grandmother attractive (Tim Vanderlee)
3) That I'm tall enough that I can't smell my own feet. (Eric Murphy)
4) We should all be thankful that bald eagles taste terrible. Their eggs, too. (Bruce Alter)
5) That dogs don't know everyone else hates you. (Dave Prevar)
6) For the sophistication of French cuisine, especially their fries. ( Bob Dalton)
7) That I learned that x=3 and y=4, so now I'll be able to help my son with his algebra homework. (Jeff Brechlin)
8) That it actually does get better than this. (Art Grinath)


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