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Friday, March 31, 2006

165. How To Acheive Full Employment

A solution to 100% full employment

"Our studies suggest that hunter-gatherer societies offer full
employment for all, simply providing the basic necessities of food and shelter,"
Steve Wieting, senior economist at Citigroup Inc.

Just think, everyone happily employed, fathers out hunting, mothers back in the cave taking care of the children (and very few housekeeping chores). At night everyone sitting around the fire talking about the days events. The father always home before dark. Commuting is interesting because you always go in a different direction every day. No more artificial running exercises, when you run its for your life. No more computer hassles, how many things can go wrong with a spear? No more problems seeing a doctor, he lives with you.
No religious discrimination, everyone worships the same idol.
Someone should start a new movement, "Back To The Simple Life." So what if you life expectancy will be 26, since you cant count it wont bother you.

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