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Friday, November 11, 2005

15. Stock Trader Solution

(Creatively Edited from Money Mag.)

Beset by scandal, the New York Stock Exchange is under pressure to alter or, as the Wall Street Journal put it, abandon its "use of humans to trade stocks on the floor of the exchange". The NYSE could adopt Nasdaq-style electronic trading or they could investigate replacing traders with one of the the following:

PROS - Tirless and efficient servants to their overlords.
CONS - Limitless hunger for human flesh and brains.

PROS - Energetic, extremely cute
CONS - Easily distracted by balls of yarn and having their stomachs scratched.

PROS - Incorruptible
CONS - Dry Rot

PROS - Surprisingly effective stock pickers. Could do well as stock traders.
CONS - Tendency to fling feces.

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