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Saturday, December 03, 2005

46. The Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,
A lot has happened to our family in the past year. Thought we'd catch you up in time for the holidays.
First, our CIA assignment was successful as you could tell from the stories coming out of Moscow. Of course, the Nobel Prize was a nice moment (We have it on the mantle next to the Pulitzers.)
About midyear we took time off to visit our son David on Mt Ararat. There seems to be a connection to Noah's Ark and the Holy Grail and he's sure his new book will be better than the DaVinci Code.
When the president called for an emergency consultation we, at first, were hesitant to accept but after due consideration, we decided the country comes first so that shot September. We don't recommend the Lincoln room, the bed has lumps and you won't believe what it takes to get a top secret clearance.
And then came the Broadway offers for our new musical based on last year experiences on Kilimanjaro (which was a romp compared to Everest). No, this time we won't play the leads.
I also want to reassure you that all the rumors about selling the diamond mine are not true; ignore them.
Anyway, here we are, like you, home for the holiday (Gstaad is perfect this time of year) with our family, except for Cousin Norman somewhere in North Korea (he's a crack shot) and Sister Diane staring in the Equestrian Championships. But enough about us. What's new with you?

All our love
David and Kathie

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