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Monday, November 24, 2008

389. Washington Post Invitational, Week 787

In which we asked you to create words containing the letters M, I, N and E, adjacent to one another but in any order.

Glandmine: A teenager. (Kevin Dopart, Ira Allen, )

Indeterminetable: An airline schedule. (Mike Anderson)

Blesspheming: Damning with faint praise. (Tom Witte)

Ciao mein: An Italian stir-fry with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and Alfredo sauce. (Roy Ashley, Dave Zarrow)

Mein chow: A German noodle dish. (Duncan Seed, )

Eminenema: A purge of old rap albums from your iPod. (Hamdi Akar)

Cinemoron: Someone who uses his cellphone in the theater. (Hugh Pullen)

Demingle: Sidle out of a boring conversation at a party. (Hugh Pullen)

Emnityville: The locale of many a Thanksgiving dinner horror. (Peter Metrinko, Russ Taylor, )

Meanie-me: A political surrograte who slings mud on the candidate's behalf, letting the candidate appear to be above the fray. (Pam Sweeney)

Errmine: Fake fur good enough to fool an expert, but not your wife. (Lawrence McGuire

Feeminism: Pride in prostitution. (David Garratt, Glenn Dale)

Himnesia: How some women move on after a bad breakup. (Christopher Lamora)

Home-mining: Digging for coins between the couch pillows. (Alli Peterson)

Imenses: Monthly bloat. (Ellen Raphaeli)

Preminisce: To get nostalgic for something before it even happens. (Mike Inman)

Solemnivorous: Taking eating way too seriously. (Gary Heinze)

Melodramamine: A treatment for emotion sickness. (Frank Yuen, Forest Hills, N.Y.)


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