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Thursday, January 17, 2008

367. Humour - Odds & Ends

What's the difference between Europeans and Americans?
Europeans think one hundred miles is a long distance, and Americans think one hundred years is a long time.

On an American Indian's T-shirt "Fighting Terrorism Since 1492"

Sign on front door. "Please, I need all the junk mail you can spare, thank you"

Question to Christopher Dodd: "Do you think americans have a right to know about a candidates personal life?"
Dodd: "Well, look, what's that great line? There's no such thing as a saint without a past and a sinner without a future."

From a recent New York Magazine article.
The Catastrophist View, By Duff McDonald. Oct 28, 2007
The bulls will tell you that foreign governments understand the American economy is the key to global economic health, and that they’ll suck it up and take it when we devalue their debt. To which Schiff offers another analogy. Imagine if five people were washed up on a desert island: four Asians and an American. In splitting up their duties, one Asian says he’ll fish; another will hunt, another will look for firewood, and another will cook. The American assigns himself the job of eating.


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